Tree of Life with Hearts DIY Kit~A Wedding Guestbook Alternative~120 leaves

Wooden Wedding Guestbook Alternative Tree with Hearts
A unique and beautiful alternative to a wedding guestbook or a lovely gift for a milestone event such as an anniversary, retirement, graduation, or birth of a baby our Tree of Life with hearts provides a heart for each of your loved ones to sign resulting in a beautiful and meaningful keepsake.
This tree has 120 wooden hearts in three sizes.  If you would like, two wooden birds can be added in place of three of the hearts by selecting that option below.  In addition, a heart with initials and a date may be engraved on the trunk.  Purchasing a Tree of Life Banner here allows you to add an additional message up to 100 characters on a banner you can mount with the tree.  
This tree with its hearts is unmounted/unassembled, but put together on the backing of your choice (not included) fits nicely into a 2 ft. x 2 ft area (see example 2x2 photo of our Tree of Life with Hearts that comes assembled).  Hearts are easily signed with ballpoint pen, and a few additional leaves will be included for experimentation.
If there is a slight adjustment in the tree or its customization you would like, please contact us and we will work with you to design the perfect piece!  If however, you are in need of something much different please let us know as we are designing other pieces that might suit your needs better and love new product ideas!
Please carefully enter and double check your text as we will engrave text just as you have entered it!
Tree trunk (with optional engraved heart)
120 hearts
2 birds (optional)
Several extra hearts for experimentation
An 8.5" x 11"printout of the outline of the tree for reference when assembling 
(Tree of Life Banner purchased separately)
$ 50.00