Personalized Nordicware Cake Pan--9x9 Graphic with Text Below

Personalized Nordicware Cake Pan--9x9 Graphic with Text Below

Made by Nordicware, our personalized cake pan is both fun and functional and makes a great gift for any occasion!  Your choice of graphic and text allows you to create a pan that reflects the baker and is sure not to be mistakenly taken at the next potluck or family event!  The aluminum pan is excellent for everything from baking to freezing to serving!

In order to create your personalized cake pan, please look through our graphics here and choose the one you'd like.  Then choose the standard text you'd like to appear below the graphic or enter your own custom text.  If you choose the standard text, be sure to enter the name you'd like to appear on the cake pan carefully in the custom text field and double check spelling as we will engrave text EXACTLY as it is entered. 

If the text and graphic combination you'd like doesn't fit this layout/design, take a look at our other cake pan layouts which offer the possibility for more text and customization. 

If there is a particular message or graphic you would like that is not a current option, please contact us and we will do our best to help you!

Graphics Choices for Cake Pans

$ 20.00